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Micki – Psychic, Medium, using Tarot, Astrology & Planetary Lithomancy

Micki has been doing Astrology, Tarot, and Lithomancy professionally since 1979 after she saw her own house fire and knew the only escape route for her and her family. 


Combining her spiritual insights and her non-judgmental manner. she gives accurate readings face to face, email or by phone. Her intuition offers guidance by seeing new opportunities, assisting in releasing old limiting and self-sabotaging patterns   Clients agree that her encouragement has allowed them to accept new challenges with grace.   


When you have a reading with Micki, she will touch on all areas of your life, answer your questions. Years of experience prove that the detailed and highly accurate reading will open new pathways to the areas most needed.


If you are planning an event, party or gathering, she will bring other readers too.

Areas covered include:

Love and Relationships




Career: New Opportunities and Promotions

Targeting Guidance for Future Goals 




Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

Sessions can be done face-to-face,  parties and via web, email.  Please contact me for any personal queries

You can see me at Dallas Psychic Fair, Miracles of Joy & Soultopia .

I am an active member of numerous professional groups, US & International 



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