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Call or email me to best decide which reading suits your current need . I offer some specialized  Tarot spreads, including:  


 Astrological Spread which will cover all aspects of your life, looking at aspects that need you to consider. This spread shows  you the next year (approximately)      $50


Lighting the Lantern Spread - offering  guidance and counseling on a current or ongoing situation    $30



A few short spreads 3-5 positions to answer a question,  look at options    $10 per question



.Call or email me to determine the best reading for you at this time.  I offer a variety of tarot spreads from simple questions to definitive answers through specialized spreads.  Some are short that simply answer a current question to more complex issues where guidance is needed, and general theme spreads that cover all aspects of your life.  

I also do Astrological charts of all kinds, Natal, Transits, Relationships and more.  

My specialty reading is Planetary Lithomancy, using crystals in an astrological structure. I combine this with your personal chart to give you a comprehensive reading.   I often combine Tarot with Lithomancy for my clients. 



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Astrology Readings

Knowing the guide map you were born with, your gifts and your challenges will allow you to  know opportunities and challenges in Love, Health, Career and other life areas. 


Natal Charts, with aspects  Transits and more  are available. 

--Natal Chart with 2 months transits $50;  6 months transits $100





      _ Home Parties---- Minimum 4 guests,   maximum  20 guests .  I will reach guest for 15-10 minutes.   Hostess gets their reading free!!  $100 Hr

If your party is larger, I  can bring another reader.  Even Spanish speaking is available

I can also have a massage therapist or energy worker.   











Parties can be for any reason, girls night, bachelorette, holidays .. You chose the theme and the entertainment shows up

 Home or Office Parties

Lithomancy Readings

Lithomancy is reading crystals within an astrological context. The stones represent planetary energies


Using the client's natal chart., or a casting board, this reading is highly informative and answers questions in all areas of your life.  







Using  a tarot deck and spreads that will answer questions, Micki reads the cards, opening doors to new opportunities and helping with emotional situations

15 minute Lithomancy Reading  is $40 and covers all areas of your life .It can be done by phone , email,

1/2 hour in depth read will be $65 by phone, email and face to face by skype .

Tarot reading 15 minute $40- 2  or 3 questions answered using appropriate spreads via phone or email  


30 minute Astrological spread via email, skype phone $50  This is an indepth reading touching all areas of your life



Private readings in my home or yours.  Parties and events


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