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About Lithomancy

(Litho-rock Mancy – Reading). I have done these readings for over 30 years and I always get rave reviews. The version I do is reading the rocks within an astrological structure. If you are looking for a reading that focuses on you, and all aspects of your life, Lithomancy is for you!

There are stones for each of the ten planets, which are cast on a board depicting the twelve astrological houses, or if an even more detailed reading, I can use the client’s natal astrology chart.

Not only does the reading cover all aspects of the client’s life, love, health, career and relationships, it often touches upon spirituality, education, trips and much more. The reading allows for timing of upcoming events and opportunities as well as the behind the scenes energies. This allows for guidance on how to utilize these energies to the desired outcomes, or sometimes how to avoid difficult situations and how to get through blocks. Timing usually unfolds within three to six month time frame.

When stones fall off the board, there are indications of energies not in play at the time of the reading and often solutions to bring out these factors. When stones touch, or if they are in an astrological aspect to one another, it adds an additional dimension or layer of information. This often defines when the client feels depleted and does not understand why. I have found that once we understand the multiple energies that are working, we can move forward.

Psychic skills are combined with understanding of planetary energies, as well a foundation of solid astrological background. People are amazed what these lovely colored stones depict. I started using them when the tarot was perceived as evil, but the rocks were not threat.

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